Heart Of Zion


Friday Distributions

Every Friday we help the community by supplying food

Reform A Nation

This is the beginning of helping the next generation by providing a positive life support system and a safe place for them. 

Zion Academy

This is the heart of the ministry and praying into this project diligently. We know the cost it takes to raise up a school but we also know many who would love to lay down their lives to help children succeed. This will be a private school where little Ephesians will not only be trained in academics but in the word of God and in the prophetic gifting of it.  

Zion Day Care

One of Iris’s passions is to host a facility where babies at nine months can begin to read. By the age of five years old, they will be ready for what we will call ” Advance Kindergarten”. The facility will not be a babysitting facility but a fun place for educational services.

Education has advanced and so should our children.

Apostolic Counselor Center Elijah House- (ministry of reconciliation)

We know the times are hard and the resources are plenty. It is the willingness of a person that is usually based on the level of compassion for someone.

We want to have an operation of a healing center. One that can help see others come through to the other side. 

Iris is a Mental Health Coach/ Life Coach and has been certified in both. She and her team understand the process of mind control and the desperate need to help those in trauma overcome.

Through our healing stations of certified equipped ministers we have hope that with the proper training we can help many break free or redirect them to professionals if the conditions need it.