Heart Of Zion

Our Ministries

Our Ministries

We’re focused on building a team of capable and caring believers, who will form the basis for our Church. We have already launched an online school that is teaching people about faith and how to live it out in their daily lives. The team is hard at work on the Zion physical location, which will be a hub for the whole community—an inclusive and safe place where anyone can gather to study God’s Word, worship, and minister. As we sow into this next stage of God’s plan, your prayers are especially needed—and your time and a financial donation can help us finish our vision in a timely manner.

Apostolic Leadership Training

We equip in various areas of life. Through biblical revelational to the marketplace application. We believe that we are called to influence all seven mountains of society and not just in the four walls of the church.

School Mentorship Partners

Reform A Nation was created with a passion to build our own school for children.

While we wait on the Lord for the building to equip children in the education system we found a way to infiltrate the education system by providing a program to mentor children.

Elijah Healing House

The Elijah house begins the healing process so that one can walk in wholeness in the salvation found in Jesus Christ. By discovering the roots of the trauma, we can move forward and stop carrying the open wounds of our past. By clicking the link below you will lead to the page to begin the application.

Women's Ministry Mentorship

Women of the Harvest mentorship group ” Bringing healing to the broken heart and empowering our purpose”.

Women of The Harvest is a ministry that encourages and helps strengthen women leading or not through the word of God. For more information on training and retreats email us.

Meetings are held 6 months with a 12-month calendar.

Apostolic Network Support

The gift of wisdom that the ministry carries has given us the ability to help serve as an Advisory Board of Apostolic Networks. As well as mentor leaders, ministers, and just people in all areas. If you are looking for a covering that can help you through tough situations, then we are here to help.

Volunteer Groups

We always need more help. Whatever talent has been given it should never be wasted. We want to continue to influence our community with the Light of Christ but the labors can often be few. If you want to help be a part of this ministry please contact us.