In Search Of Yahweh

Declaration of His trust:

Psalms 27:7-14 Hear, O Yahweh, my voice when I call, and be gracious to me and answer me. 8 On your behalf my heart says, “Seek my face.” Your face, O Yahweh, I do seek. 9 Do not hide your face from me; do not turn your servant away in anger. You have been my help; do not abandon nor forsake me, O God of my salvation. 10 If my father or my mother forsake me, then Yahweh will receive me.11 Teach me, O Yahweh, your way, and lead me on a level path because of my enemies.12 Do not give me over to the desire of my enemies, because false witnesses have arisen against me, and each breathing out violence.13 Surely I believe that I will see the goodness of Yahweh in the land of the living.14 Wait for Yahweh. Be strong and let your heart show strength and wait for Yahweh.

In this particular Psalms they have researched it out and believe it is dated before David took his position as king, some say it could have been in the time of his parents passing. But the Jews believe this would have been written in the time David was delivered from the sword of the giant or it could have been written without any specific occasion.

The Psalms begin with an extorting prayer to Yahweh for help. It is an earnest cry that is found within us that denotes our need for him in our lives. As David begins this prayer by humbling himself “Here I am”. He was bringing himself into communion with God and laying his heart at his feet so He can seek His face. He says “Yahweh, I have this baqash in my heart”. The word “Baqash” is Hebrew for “to seek”. David postures himself before Yahweh aiming, begging, concerned, desiring, eager and in pursuit of seeking His face.

David understood something He knew that to seek the face of God is to seek God’s favor (Psalms 105:4).

Can you ever remember a time when you felt this way? When you felt trouble within your heart like this. Whether it was due to a circumstance or just felt it inside of yourself and you did not know what was happening, but you just had to seek God’s face. Maybe you felt as if He was far from you and you thought He is angry with you. Whatever was happening you just needed to know that God was still there with His mercy and love. Something in you just needed to know that the same mercy and love was still existing for you. Is His salvation still existing for you? It’s the moment in our lives where we feel that nothing in the world matter but Him. No one could help you with this cry because no one could understand, you could not even be able to explain it if you were asked to. All you know is that the only one who had the answer to your current desperation is God.

This is the feeling of forsaking this word in Hebrews is “Azab” it means self. What happens in this moment in life is when you forsake your self and seek the one who created you. There where times in my life before Christ I would find myself in this place. I still find myself there now, do not get me wrong but I know the answer. Before Christ I did not understand why and often thought I could be having mental breakdown and needed to see someone (this can still be a case for people). But that was not the case for me. This was the moment God was waiting for, it was God’s baqash moment for me. He allows us to go as far as we can in our ability till your run out of your own ability. He created moments like this so we could find Him. He needs us to find him and trust him. This is a moment in our lives where He wants to be our God our only God. David continues his cry with Yahwah (God) teach me your ways lead me down the right path give me direction. Have you been there? I am sure we all have been lost without an answer but the one thing we did know deep inside of us is that we come to God in our time of forsaking in need of a savior.

I have done this many times before Christ and, in that weakness, I know I made promises and I did not keep them. And every now and then it would happen again. Why? Because this prayer that David declared was really God calling him to come be with Him. God is calmingly beggingly with concern and eager in His pursuit for us. He wants to hear our voice and answer our questions. He wants to reveal who He is in every part of our lives. He wants to fill the voids and heal all our pain. He wants to teach you the way to the path of truth. He wants to save us from the enemy of this world. He wants to show us His goodness in our lives now. He wants to strengthen us to trust Him while we wait for our answered prayers.

“Baqash, Baqash, Baqash(to seek, to seek, to seek) you, I want to know you.” Our hearts are crying out these very words because God’s heart cried it first. Accepting salvation of Jesus Christ is not as scary as it feels. When I reconcile my life with Jesus, I was in my mid twenties and I wondered if I say yes what would it be like for me? Will this change me into religion? Will I have to stop living? All these selfish questions in my mind, but one day I had to forsake myself and see what was on the other side.

Can I tell you, just like David I never stop crying out Basqash, Baqash (to seek, to seek) you I am glad that I am getting to know you! I never turned back and was delivered from all kinds of worldly things, you know why? Because on my search of trusting Yahwah He is constantly filling my voids and healing my past wounds with His love. I still live in this world and the enemy of it is constantly pursuing to destroy my life, so things happen that could literally take me out of my faith. But this love that I found is more real and stronger than the attacks of this life. “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

I pray that after you read this that you will understand that in your searching for love that you would find the one your soul loves in Jesus Christ. If there is ever a time to need to trust someone in your life, then trust “Yahwah” and he will deliver you from what is keeping you from fulling living a life of peace and full of true love.

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