My Olive Tree

Olive tree branch
Olive tree branch

Founded in 2004 by Curt Landry
– Mission is to plant olive trees and grapevines to help with agriculture,
economic growth and political growth for Israel.
– They are partnered with the city of Jerusalem, the Israeli Defense Forces,
Israeli Olive Oil board and the israeli Ministry of Agriculture.They have
been given access to land and resources to be able to plant more than 1
million olive trees in Israel.
– The olive trees are planted in the Negev Desert, on Israeli army bases and
in kibbutzim throughout the Holy Land.
– They also help Holocaust survivors, help keep jobs for the farmers and
helps the Israel soldiers.
– An olive tree sapling can be planted in honor of the person/people
purchasing it, a loved one or a holocaust survivor.
– Two groves that have openings for trees to be planted are by the Golan
Family and by Perry Stone. $227 to plant a tree in Golan Families grove or
$159 to plant a tree in Perry Stone’s grove.
– Once a tree is purchased, you will receive a digital certificate of authenticity
in either your name or the tributee on it. Names will also be displayed in
the Wall of Honor. IDF soldiers and farmers who care for the trees will
reap 100% of the profit from their harvest.
– A grapevine can also be sponsored in the Negev desert for $249.

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