Abraham’s Bread

Flag of Israel
Flag of Israel

– Founded by Robert Stearns who is the founder of Eagles Wings Ministries
– Abrahams Bread has feeding centers in Jerusalem and Tiberias that help
provide hot meals to hundreds every day who are living in poverty.
– They help Jews, Arabs and Christians who are in need.
– 1.7 million Israelis (Jew & Arab) live below the poverty line
– 1 in 3 children do not have a 1 hot meal a day
– Many elderly holocaust survivors cant afford basic groceries or too ill to
take care of themselves
– Immigrants who come from escaping extreme persecution come with no
– Ways to partner; Donations to help families. $24 helps provide a hot meal
for a family of 5, $72 helps provide meals for a holocaust survivor for 2
weeks, $118 helps with meals for a new immigrant for 1 month, $540 helps
with food packages for multiple families living together. Can be done as a
one time gift or help sponsor monthly depending on which is chosen.
– They currently have no mission trip opportunities at this current time.

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